Who we are?

SINOXFX is a pioneering fintech startup and world-class provider of online trading for multi-asset financial products

The team has experience of over 6 years in Stocks/forex/ETFs /Commodities/CFDs. Our Cryptocurrency team is one of the earliest adopters of blockchain technology from bitcoin/ Ethereum mining, DeFi farming, liquidity pool mining.

SINOXFX wants to innovate the financial industry and be the first multi-asset broker to adapt the DeFi (decentralised finance) technology in its operations. Our mission is to offer the traditional investors access to crypto/DeFi / asset class with award-winning Meta trader 5. Our exchange platform built on angular JS that can transact 100,000 orders per second linked to deep liquidity on CFDs & cryptos.


SINOXFX addresses this major problem by giving easy access to all investors worldwide to get access to crypto / DeFi asset class with a professional and secure trading technology.

SINOXFX we heard the concerns of millions of traders, that why it created by traders for traders

Latest Crypto News

15 Nov 2020 by merkulove

Forex Trade

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15 Nov 2020 by merkulove

Rise of Bitcoin

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