Ideal for professional and experienced traders, the PAMM platform gives you the opportunity to showcase the performance of your trading strategy to the thousands of SINOXFX clients, gain FOLLOWERS and earn commissions and/or performance fees.

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How you can become a MASTER

Step 1

Register and open a PAMM MT4 Account from the Members Area

Step 2

Fund your PAMM MT4 Account

Step 3

Open a PAMM Master Account and create an Offer

Step 4

Attract FOLLOWERS and gain commissions and/or performance fees

Become a PAMM MASTER in just a few simple steps.


Earn commissions on every trade followed

Access advanced statistics, reports and real-time performance data

Benefit from innovative technology, exclusive conditions and reliable order execution

Trade in the knowledge that your strategy is protected from being copied

Gain exposure to thousands of potential followers

Instant Deposit & Withdrawal

With cryptocurrency & stable coin.