Introducing Broker

Our Introducing Brokers (IB) program allows people and organizations from all around the world to earn money by bringing new clients to us.

Regional Manager

In the Regional Manager program, you have the chance to manage your local office as well as represent the firm in your own territory. You will take responsibility for key client relationships and sales activities. You'll be able to help build sustainable growth within your region.

Affiliate Forex CPS

Coming Soon.....

Make Money Regardless of Your Clients Returns or How Long or How Much They Trade.

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Benefits You Get With Our Partnership Program

Outstanding partner rewards

Faster withdrawals and amount of credit

Chance to grow your own trading network and wealth

Endless opportunity to earn rewards

A full access to Sinox trading data

Different types of partnership rewards

What Is The Link To The Agent?

We share a unique agent link with our partners. Once you sign up with our partnership program, this link has been shared with you via email or any other contact methods. This link validates your eligibility of becoming our exclusive agent. And, you can use the link to open trading accounts for your clients. Sinox FX uses this agent link to deposit your partner rewards.

How Does The Sinox FX Partner Program Work?

You need to share your agent’s link with your clients. Once they open a trading account using your agent link, you become eligible to start earning partner rewards. Based on your performance, we keep rewarding you endlessly.

How Partner Awards Are Calculated?

As you keep introducing new clients to us, we understand your work value. Based on the type and related financial instrument, we calculate your partner reward.