Introducing Broker

Our Introducing Brokers (IB) program offers individuals as well as organisations anywhere in the world to get compensation by introducing new clients to us.

Regional Manager

Through the Regional Manager program you get an opportunity where in your own region you can represent the company and can also manage your local office there.

Affiliate Forex CPS

Coming Soon.....

Make Money Regardless of Your Clients Returns or How Long or How Much They Trade.

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Your Benefits With Sinox Fx

One-of-a-kind partner rewards

Irrespective of the transaction, amount reward is credit

Withdrawals can be done immediately

No limit on reward you win

Many forms of Partnership Award

Complete data

What Is the Link to the agent?

Once you have registered your trading account you will obtain the following link as exclusive agent in your personal area:

To deposit your Partner Award, we as your agent, use the link in the SINOX FX Trade Account opening by each client for each completed transaction.

How does the SINOX FX partner program work?

You are required to distribute your agent’s link as traders generally follow the link and according to that they open accounts in SINOX FX. You sign up for the transactions conducted by clients receiving the award.

How Partner awards are calculated?

On the basis of the type and related financial instrument, we estimate the participant's sign-up rewards for the customer's account.