Ideal for new traders, PAMM Follower Account lets you connect with popular PAMM Masters and traders under the guidance of expert and professional traders. You will get full transparency in terms of the performance and fees of the PAMM Masters, with instant deposit and withdrawals.

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How to become a PAMM Follower at Sinox FX?

Step 1

Click the “PAMM Login” button and sign up for a PAMM MT5 account

Step 2

Deposit funds in your trading account

Step 3

Go to the PAMM Manager section and choose a PAMM Master

Step 4

Once you choose the PAMM Master, start trading with your PAMM Follower account

A perfect trading strategy may help you to make the most out of the profit.

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Things You Can Do With A PAMM Follower Account


Find and follow the PAMM Master that best meets your trading requirements


Get complete transparency of the PAMM Master fees


Quick and secure deposits & withdrawals


Get real-time trading statics, reports, and performance data


Choose the best from various PAMM Masters

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