Ib features

Best market compensation

  • Competitive payouts up to 12 USD/lot
  • Granted flat-rate commission for all assets
  • Accelerated withdrawals and transfers to clients
  • Worthwhile prizes, including new cars, MacBooks, fancy gala dinners, and VIP events

Superior growth

  • Individualised partnerships that fit your style
  • Rewarding Master IB Program for further advancement
  • Frequent IB contests for continued prosperity
  • Award-winning trading conditions bringing larger profit through a more active client base

World-class support

  • Valued manager guidance
  • Accessible regional representatives
  • Quality assistance 24/7
  • A superb staff that speaks your language

See how much you can earn with Sinoxfx

clients Active client is your referral who has at least 100 USD in all his or her accounts and has at least five valid orders closed within the last 30 days from the current date.
Drag the bar to see the average monthly income you can make as a partner based on the amount of traders you bring in.
Commission per 1 lot

Less than 5 active clients

Our Invite a Friend program for those who aren’t IBs yet

Receive 1 USD/lot traded through referred clients

Commission obtained every 24 hours

Withdraw the funds or transfer it to your trading balance

From 6‐15 active clients

Receive 8 USD/lot traded through referred clients

Get an opportunity to enrol in our Monthly Reward program

From 16-25 active clients

Receive 12 USD/lot from referred clients

Earn even more additional income via our Monthly Reward program

From 26-35 active clients

Receive 16 USD/lot from referred clients

Up to 2,000 USD in additional monthly rewards

From 36-45 active clients

Receive 18 USD/lot from referred clients

Up to 2,000 USD in additional monthly rewards

More than 45 active clients

Receive 20 USD/ lot

More advantageous conditions

Customisable plans to help maximize profit

Introducing Broker is a partnership program where you can grow your business and earn high rebates as your network expands and your trading volume increases.

Introduce new traders to SINOXFX LIMITED , build your network as a professional trader and grow your circle with our partnership program. IB program offers an attractive side business to your already successful trading. It means generating extra revenue!

Whenever your client makes a trade, it will be shown automatically in your IB Room with the calculated commission. The commissions are added to your IB balance for the each and every trade that has been closed by your client and can then be immediately withdrawable

You can withdraw your IB commission anytime you want by filling in a withdrawal form from the ClientArea. You can transfer the funds to your SINOXFX LIMITED live account or withdraw them to your bank account or any other available

Satisfied with our service? Tell your friends! Once your friends start trading, you will start earning commissions! Bring more friends, earn more commissions! Refer a Friend program is available to all clients! Send your friend a request to join us via SINOFX LIMITED page. Alternatively, you can notify anAccount Manager directly by e-mailing us at support@sinoxfx.com